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  • 6 months ago

    Product Seeding offers marketers more control over whom to place products with
    but, conversely, less control over how (or if) those products get used. And, while
    virtually any product - from bottled water to consumer electronics - can be seeded
    with celebrities, marketers are playing the odds here. But the payoff can be huge if
    the seeding is supported by a creative strategy. who was with elvis when he died

    Product Seeding is the oldest form of Celebrity Product Placement. Products are
    distributed more widely. They can be aimed at celebrities who are most compelling
    to your demographic. And they can be delivered directly to the celebrity without the
    filters imposed by events. Of course, working with a specialist who can get your
    product directly to celebrities becomes paramount here. Film and television product
    placement agencies are NOT set up for this practice.

    Taken by itself, Product Seeding is a gamble. If you send enough freebies to
    Hollywood but you don't have a creative strategy, a celebrity might be photographed
    using your product or evangelizing it on a talk show. But if one looks at Product
    Seeding as one tactic in a larger Celebrity Product Placement effort, it can pay big
    dividends - particularly in identifying celebrities who have a true affinity for your

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