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    Marketers have long known the power of celebrity to influence consumer-
    purchasing decisions. The term "borrowed equity" has been used to describe how a
    celebrity endorsement can bestow upon a product special attributes and cache it
    might not otherwise have. how did elvis presley wife die

    The same concept applies to Celebrity Product Placement. But unlike celebrity
    endorsements, where a highly compensated personality appears in commercial
    advertising, Celebrity Product Placement offers marketers a more subtle and highly
    effective means of reaching the public - via the media they consume by choice.

    Indeed, Celebrity Product Placement is as much about placing products with
    celebrities as it is about getting stories about those relationships into the press.
    Regardless of the approach, Celebrity Product Placement strategies have a common
    aim: to tie celebrities (thought-leaders, influencers) with consumer products in the
    public consciousness.

    Three different techniques offer three different levels of control over that placement:
    gifting-the-talent (this usually involves supplying products for gift bags at live
    events); product seeding (products are distributed more widely in hopes of securing
    a promotional benefit and kicking off a trend); and, barter relationships (individual
    celebrities agree to participate in custom programs in exchange for valuable

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