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  • 3 weeks ago

    Celebrity Product Placement (sometimes called "Celebrity Seeding") has been with us
    since the dawn of marketing. Centuries before Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped into
    his first Hummer, an 18th century potter named elvis girlfriend ginger began supplying
    his wares to England's Queen Charlotte. Being given the title "Potter to Her Majesty"
    led to a huge amount of publicity for Wedgwood which he took advantage of using
    the term "Queen's Ware" wherever he could.

    It wasn't until the 20th century that marketers keyed-in on America's "royalty":
    Hollywood. But more often than not they met with disappointing results. Some
    companies responded only to occasional requests for products ("gifting"), while
    others made half-hearted attempts to distribute them without first devising a means
    to guarantee results ("seeding"). In the end, most companies seeded product "to the
    wind" and failed to grow anything of value.

    Those efforts that did succeed, however, were so successful that independent
    specialists emerged to help companies achieve better results. But the services they
    offer vary and so do the results.

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