Optionology - The Options Workshop

Futures & Options
By Sanjay Saraf, Guddu Kr. Shaw
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Hindi-English Mix


Date of the workshop: 3rd & 4th of December,2022

Timings: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ( Lunch break: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.)

1.Will this workshop be live?

       This workshop will be partly recorded and partly live, with the Q&A Sessions being live.

2.Will you get recordings or backups of this workshop?

       No, there won’t be recordings provided after the workshop, nor will there be backups.

3.What are the Basic Concepts that you need to know before the workshop?

       Make sure you know concepts like- Options Basics, Options Greeks, beforehand positively.

4.Who is this workshop for?

        This workshop is for traders who have entered the trading world and not for just students. Also, you need to have a minimum of ₹10 lakhs to work on the strategies discussed.

5.If, in any case, you cannot attend the workshop after registering, what then?

     You will NOT get any refund, nor backups or recordings of the same. You need to inform the team before 7 days of the date of the workshop, after which we will transfer your registration to the next workshop without any extra cost.. Any requests for shifting to the next workshop within the last 7 days of the workshop will not be entertained.

6.How much ROI can you expect from the strategies taught in this workshop?

         Options Trading should be looked upon as a business. Just like any other business, you cannot expect overnight returns here too. On an average, our team has been able to generate safe returns ranging from 2-4% per month using these strategies.

7.Which devices can you use to attend this workshop?

         This workshop can only be attended through a Windows Laptop or Android phone. This workshop can NOT be attended from any iOs device.  

8.What essentials do you need to provide for registering for this workshop?

        After successful registration, our team will contact you to fill up a Google Form for better understanding about your trading skills and experience, where you need to upload a photo ID (Aadhar Card) mandatorily.

9.During the workshop, how will your doubts be resolved?

        On both the days, there will be live Q & A sessions for addressing all your doubts from 5-6 p.m. Don’t worry, all your doubts will be answered.

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