EY Finance and Treasury Bootcamp 2024

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About the Course

Embark on a Transformational Journey to Elevate Your Financial Expertise! Welcome to EY's Finance and Treasury Bootcamp 2024 which will enhance your skills in Finance and Treasury by imparting cutting-edge knowledge & practical insights.

The Bootcamp will entail 15+ hours of LIVE online workshops starting from 19th January 2024 which will incorporate live group discussions and case studies to facilitate the exchange of perspectives among participants, allow them to build on each other's ideas, analyze issues, exercise judgment, and make decisions, which are essential skills for effective leadership.

What to Expect:

  1. In-Depth Knowledge: Dive into practical insights, mastering the fundamental skills required in today's dynamic financial landscape.
  2. Soft Skills Development: Exclusive sessions on building your professional profile, preparing for finance, and consulting interviews.
  3. Interactive Workshops: Engage in live group discussions and case studies to exchange perspectives, analyze real-world issues, and sharpen your decision-making abilities.

List of covered modules: 

1. Treasury orientation 

a. What are the various operating models in treasury management

b. Role and Responsibility of Front Office, Mid Office and Back office in treasury

c. Key aspects of dealing environment and understand various decision support tools in executing trades in currency, debt and investment

d. Latest trends in treasury-centre of excellence and evolvement of regional treasury centres including Gift City 

2. Currency risk & Interest rate risk management

a. How various balance sheet and cash flow exposures are managed by companies in various sectors

b. What are spot/tom/cash transactions and roll over/early utilisation/cancellation/utilisation would mean

c. Understand Derivative Instruments -Forwards/Futures/Options/Structured products/swaps from risk management perspective

d. Assess the deal life cycle of currency risk trade covering pre-deal, deal execution, deal confirmation and settlement etc.

e. What are the best practices observed in industry managing currency risk - covering Risk identification, Risk measurement, Risk Mitigation and Risk Reporting aspects

f. What are the key benchmarks from domestic and foreign markets in managing interest rate risk

g. How SOFR related transactions have evolved and what are the current practices of managing foreign currency loans from interest rate risk perspective

h. How technology has evolved and helped practioners’ in effective and efficient management of currency and interest rate risk management

3. Liquidity Management

a.  How do companies decide the optimum capital structure-choice of debt vs equity

b.  Key working capital and long term debt instruments and their selection by corporates

c.  Risk and Return attributes of investment products- Gsecs, SDLs, T-bill, Debt Mutual Funds, FDs, Corporate bond etc.

d.  RAROC model- understand pricing aspects of debt instruments

e.  What are the key insights from RBI & SEBI circulars and their impact in last 3 years from industry perspective

f.  Assess deal life cycle of debt and investment covering pre-deal, deal execution, deal confirmation, settlement and reporting etc.

g. Understand cash flow forecasting and its effective management in various sectors

h. How technology has evolved and helped practioners’ in effective and efficient management of liquidity management aspects

Workshop highlights:

1. Live Interactive Sessions (12+ hrs)

  • Be a part of the live interactive sessions which will start from 19th January 2024 with EY Subject Matter Experts & pick their brains to understand the nitty-gritties of the corporate world. 

2. Case Studies (2 hrs):

  • Description: In these 2 hours of high-voltage discussion session, participants will engage in practical problem-solving activities. The primary objective of this activity being enhancing critical &  analytical thinking and decision making capabilities.
  • Objective: The primary objective is to enhance critical thinking, analytical skills, and decision-making capabilities by examining and solving complex business problems. 

3. Internship Opportunity – Top 10% :

  • Description: Exclusive virtual internship opportunity to be provided for the top 10% of participants. The top 10% of the participants will get to interns with EY's FSRM team, gain hands-on experience, valuable insights, and the ultimate opportunity to network with industry professionals.
  • Benefits: Participants in the top percentile will gain hands-on experience, valuable insights, and the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

4. Networking Session :

  • Format: The networking session is designed to facilitate meaningful connections among participants and industry leaders. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the participants to openly interact with the EY experts & industry stalwarts and foster meaningful professional relationships
  • Activities: Structured activities and open discussions will provide opportunities for participants to build professional relationships, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations.

5. Pre-read Material (8 hrs) :

  • Nature of Material: Participants will receive comprehensive pre-read material, covering relevant topics and concepts which will help them in building a base for the upcoming live interactive sessions. These pre-reads will even be helpful for a non-finance person who wishes to make a career in finance.
  • Purpose: The eight-hour pre-read period allows participants to familiarize themselves with key concepts before the event, ensuring more productive and engaging discussions during the sessions.

6. Profile Building Session (2 hrs):

  • All the knowledge is incomplete till the time you do not know how to present it infront of the interviewers. Keeping that in mind, this session will help you understand how to enhance your CV & your profile. Also, we'll focus on how to crack finance & consulting interviews.

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