Data visualization with PowerBI

Certificate Course
By Acies
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7 Hrs


Apply practical methods and build your own Data Visualizations using PowerBI
  • BI frameworks: Learn about business intelligence frameworks and key components
  • Tech for data visualization: Get up to speed with the latest technologies used for visualization
  • Build on PowerBI: Learn to build your data visualizations using PowerBI
  • Advanced techniques: Learn on how to build using advanced visualization techniques

Who is this course meant for?

  • Business intelligence teams
  • Any one interested in data analytics / BI as a career

Pre-requisites for this course

Just a basic understanding of MS Excel!

Training coverage:

Building a self-service business intelligence framework

Coverage aspects:
− Building a business intelligence architecture
− Components of the business intelligence architecture
− Role of visualisation in the business intelligence framework

Learning outcome:
− Understanding the construct of business intelligence framework
− Business intelligence tools in the market

Introduction to Power BI for visualization

Coverage aspects:
− Introduction to the MS Power BI such as Power BI web service, Power BI mobile and Power BI desktop
− Overview of its components such as dashboards, reports, datasets and workspace
− Flow of MS Power BI for building a report

Learning outcome:
− Overview of MS Power BI and its key components
- Understanding the report flow for building end to end visualisations in MS Power BI

Building blocks of visualisation: Datasets

Coverage aspects:
− Overview of the data connectors in PowerBI
− Leveraging SharePoint document management system ('DMS') to create a common data source
− Importing excel sheets into PowerBI
− Mapping column headers in PowerBI
− Adding /deleting and amending column headers
− Identifying errors and resolving errors in data sets imported in PowerBI
− Establishing relationships between datasets and exploring the various cardinalities that PowerBI facilitates for the same.

Learning outcome:
− Connecting datasets in MS Power BI
− Create a common database for ongoing updation and management of data files
− Manage and update the data sets imported using key functions such as adding and removing columns, error resolution, mapping column headers and establishing relationships between two or more datasets.

Building blocks of visualisation: Report building

Coverage aspects:
− Introduction to data visualisations in MS Power BI
− Understanding the components of data visualisations for common visuals
− Slicers and hierarchy management in data for visualization
− Attaching filters to data visualisations
− Formatting data visualisations
− Modifying a data visualisation

Learning outcome:
− Building visualisations and reports in MS Power BI
− Understanding the difference between slicers and filters in MS Power BI
- Creating roles and enabling role-based access in MS Power BI

Building blocks of visualisation: Ongoing report management

Coverage aspects:
− Creating mobile views of reports
− Creating dashboards
− Working with alerts and notifications
− Ongoing data refresh management through scheduled and manual refresh
− Introduction to data gateways
− Building report apps and sharing reports

Learning outcome:
− Publish and share reports for consumption
− Generate alerts on the reports
- View and collaborate with users through reports on mobile
- Update data on an ongoing basis without manual refresh of records

Advanced visualization techniques

Coverage aspects:
− Working with advanced visualization techniques such as scatter and bubble charts, heatmaps and tree maps, gauges, advanced key influencer visuals and direct Q and A technique

Learning outcome:
− Learn about advanced data visualisation techniques and ways to interpret them

Case study - Build analytics using Microsoft Excel + Microsoft Power BI

Coverage aspects:
− A real-life case study on building end to end analytics for performance monitoring and business decision making

Learning outcome:
− Hands on experience with working on creating a performance monitoring/ decision-making report in Microsoft Power BI

Other Info

  • Duration : 7 Hrs
  • Mock Test Available : Assessment at the end of the course
  • Important Information : Certificate will be available after successful completion of assessment.
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