CA Final- SFM Crash Course (Dawn Series) in English

Strategic Financial Management (SFM)
By Sanjay Saraf
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~33 | ~ 26 Hrs | English


Teaching pedagogy- Summary of each topic followed by representative sums specially from papers of 2019 , 2020 and 2021...papers, rtp, mtp and new types of sums that can come in the future

Other Info

  • Lectures : ~33
  • Duration : ~ 26 Hrs
  • Language : English
  • System Requirement : For Mobile: Only Android; For Laptop :Only Windows 8.1 and above, minimum 4GB RAM, minimum 1 GB Graphics are supported
  • Does Not Support : APPLE, iPhone or IOS
  • Terms & Conditions : Once installed on a particular mobile or tablet, the same cannot be used on a different android device. Simultaneous login on both Android App and Laptop is not permitted. Machine on which the application is installed once cannot be changed.
  • Platform : Lectures will be played only on Laptop and Android 9 version.
  • ₹ 6000

    International ₹ 6000

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Sanjay Saraf
Sanjay Saraf