CA Final (OLD) SFM Full Lecture

Strategic Financial Management
By Sanjay Saraf
5 (25200)

72 | ~220 hours | Hindi, English | 25200


CA Final (OLD) SFM Full Course By Sanjay Saraf Sir


Other Info

  • Lectures : 72
  • Duration : ~220 hours
  • Language : Hindi, English
  • Students : 25200
  • Deliverables : 150 GB data of Video Lectures to downloaded through Google Drive link and study material.
  • Note : Recorded in Aug'17
  • System Requirement : Minimum Intel i3 64 bit Processor, 2.10 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB Graphics, WINDOWS 8/WINDOWS 8.1/WINDOWS 10, 20GB Disk Space Required.
  • Validity : 10 months
  • Max. Views : 50% extra duration to the total duration of video files you receive. Suppose, you have 10 mins video, so you will get 15 mins in total.
  • No. of Book : 3 books
  • Important Information : Video Output through HDMI cable is not allowed.
  • Software Installation : Remote access of student's system is mandatory for software installation.
  • Platform : Lectures will be played only on Laptop, not on Desktop.


  • 1. What is the difference between Download Link, Student to provide Hard Disk & Hard Disk (HDD)?

    These are terms used primarily to identify the mode of delivery of video content.

    If you choose download link, then a Google drive link will be shared with you via mail. You are required to download the video content including the software folder through the link. The email accompanying the Google drive link comprehensively details the download process.

    If you chose Student to provide Hard disk option, then you are required to courier the hard disk to SSEI Kolkata office. Once the hard disk is received at SSEI Kolkata office, the videos relevant to your course are uploaded on the hard disk and shipped to you along-with books and software dongle.

    If you choose HDD (Hard Disk) option, then we will purchase a fresh hard disk for you, upload all the video content that is ready relevant to your course and ship to your address along-with books and software dongle. The hard disk procured is generally either of the two: 1TB Seagate / WD Elements.

  • 2. What does 1.3 times view means?
    It means you are eligible to get 30% extra views to the total number of video files you receive. Suppose, you have 100 videos, so you will get 130 views in total.
  • 3. Is there any restriction to play videos?

    Yes, for some privacy policy & security reasons we do put some restrictions. Restrictions are primarily at 2 level:

    1. Device – Laptop or Desktop: Player software can be installed on a single dedicated laptop or desktop only.
    2. Number of times view is allowed to the same video file.

    Also, please note that we strongly discourage getting the player software installation done on office laptop for watching the classes. If a student however still goes ahead and gets the software installation done on his / her office laptop, he or she would alone be responsible for the playing of video classes and the experience there in. SSEI would not be held accountable for the same and accordingly no application for refund or partial refund of the amount paid would be tenable.

  • 4. Is internet required to play videos?

    Initially internet with good bandwidth (2 MBPS or more) is required for about 15-20 minutes for the software player installation. The installation process takes place remotely through Team Viewer, AnyDesk or any other remote desktop access software.

    Once the player software installation is done, to play the videos, limited internet connectivity is required. When you open media player first 1-2 minutes’ internet connection required (you can also use mobile hotspot for this). But after that full video is offline.

  • 5. When & how will I receive videos/study materials?
    Within 7-10 working days you will get the study material & videos (for HDD/PD) through courier at your address. Incremental videos if any, are shared separately through Google drive link.
  • 6. Can I close videos whenever I want?
    To optimize your views, you are advised to shut the video only once you have completed the entire file. You can pause the videos for some time (maximum 20-25 minutes). If you close the media player before the video ends that consumes 1 count of the assigned views.
  • 7. How to use coupon code?
    After successful Login add your course to the cart. Then once you are on your cart page, type your coupon code & click on apply.
  • 8. How can I get order confirmation?
    After your successful payment you will get an Invoice on your registered email id.
  • 9. If I choose download link what internet speed is required?

    Minimum download speed required is 1MBPS. Further, unlimited internet is required. Accordingly, use of mobile hotspot for the download process is not recommended.

  • 10. Is there any restriction to download videos from Google Drive?
    No, there is no restriction for download.
  • 11. How to play video lectures?
    It is simple like other video player. Also, our software team will install the software & guide you how to play.
  • 12. How I can resolve my doubts during lectures?
    On purchase of lectures, faculty contact details are shared. Student is encouraged to message / WhatsApp or email his or her query to the faculty. In some cases, WhatsApp group is also formed for students to engage and share their queries.
  • 13. How can I track shipment of my order?
    After your parcel is dispatched, SSEI delivery team emails the docket details of the dispatch with within 1-2 working days of dispatch date. The docket details contains the tracking number, courier name and courier date to enable you to conveniently track your shipment.
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