CA Final New SFM Full Course IN Hindi

Strategic Financial Management
By Sanjay Saraf
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~90 | ~240 Hours | Hindi & English Mix



Online app includes download link option

Guidelines For App:

1. Bluetooth should not be enabled while playing the lectures in the android application.
2. Screen Casting/Mirroring Not Allowed in both applications.
3. Users are not allowed to record or share lectures through any mode. Strict action will be taken.
4. After installing the android application, do not clear application data.
5. Wireless charging or charging through a laptop is not allowed while you watch a lecture.
6. USB debugging or Developer Option not allowed while using the android application.
7. Wifi hotspot not allowed while watching lectures in android application.
8. Any type of screen recording or screen sharing app(s) not allowed in mobile phone.
9. If you want to change the device either from mobile to laptop or laptop to mobile then only sign out from the currently logged in device.
10. Emulator not allowed to play the android application.
11. Virtual Machine is not allowed to play the laptop application.
12. WIndows 8 or later version is the only permissible OS to use the laptop application.
13. USB device use restricted in the laptop application.
14. Only Laptop is allowed to use the laptop application.



Other Info

  • Restrictions : Pendrive is only for Laptop Application.
  • Lectures : ~90
  • Duration : ~240 Hours
  • Language : Hindi & English Mix
  • System Requirement : For Mobile: Only Android; For Laptop :Only Windows 8.1 and above are supported
  • Does Not Support : APPLE, iPhone or IOS
  • Applicable for : May 21, Nov 21 & onwards
  • No. of Book : 3
  • Terms & Conditions : Once installed on a particular mobile or tablet, the same cannot be used on a different android device. Simultaneous login on both Android App and Laptop is not permitted. Machine on which the application is installed once cannot be changed.
  • Platform : Lectures will be played only on Laptop and Android 9 version.
  • ₹ 18000

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