CA Final DT, FR & Audit (Regular Batch) For May & Nov 2024 By CA Bhanwar Borana & CA Aakash kandoi & CA Shubham Keswani

Combo (CA Final New Syllabus)
By CA Bhanwar Borana, CA Aakash Kandoi
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Final Direct Tax Batch Started From 14th July 2023 and will be completed by 31st Oct’23.
Days : Monday to Friday
Timings : 7 am – 10 am

Final Audit Batch Started From 1st June and will be completed by 15th Sept’23
Days : Monday to Saturday
Timing : 7 am to 10 am

Final FR Batch Started from 12th April 2023 will be completed by 5th Aug’23
Days : Monday to Saturday
Timings : 7:00 am to 10 am

CA Final Direct Tax

Language: Hindi-English Mix
No of lectures: 75 Lectures
Duration: 230 hours approx.

Validity: 9 Months from the date of Activation
Views: 1.5 Times
Study Material:
– Volume 1 & 2 for Class Study.
– Compact (Summary Notes)
– Q&A Compiler

CA Final Financial Reporting

Language: Hindi-English Mix
Duration: 240 Hours Approx.
No. of Lectures: 80 Lectures Approx.
Validity: 12 Months from the date of Activation
View: 1.8 Views
Study Material: Hardcopy of FR Books (FR Digest)
2 Coloured Concept Book & 2 Question Bank Covering More than 1200 Questions from ICAI Study Material, RTPs, MTP’s & Past Papers

CA Final Audit 

Language: Hindi-English Mix
Duration: 130 hours Approx.

Language: Hindi-English Mix.
No. of Lectures: 50 Approx.
Validity: 12 Months from the date of Activation
View: 1.7 Views
Study Material :
Hardcopy of Coloured Notes & Question Bank covering ICAI Study Material, Past year RTP’s, MTP’s & Suggested Answers.

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For Google Drive & Pendrive
1. It can be played on LAPTOP or Desktop.

2. It will run only on Windows OS.
3. It will run only on Windows 8.1,10,11 or any other higher version.

For Mobile (Android ONLY)
1. It will NOT Run on MOTOTROLA devices.
2. Android version 7.0 or higher will be required.
3. 3 GB Ram & 32 GB Internal Memory Atleast will be Required


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Video Delivery
CA Bhanwar Borana
CA by Profession & Professor by PASSION !!! After attaining the respect of being called a CA, he chose to spread and share his knowledge to the coming young students who aspire to be CAs too. He believe that studies with fun is a great blend which makes the aspirants achieve their goals with full precision. Presently he is Core Faculty of Incito Academy, Mumbai & Visiting faculty of WIRC of ICAI. He has overall 8 years teaching experience at CA IPCC & FINAL in Direct Tax & International Taxation. He always tried to bring out that hidden confidence and inculcate the strength and capabilities in students for them to rediscover themselves each new day. CA BB plays multiple roles very effectively as a Guide, Teacher, Mentor, Motivator and Friend to his students. He is the professor to go beyond theoretical reading of the section and make students solve practice problems in the class which puts the students to ease during the examinations. He is the author of India’s first Handwritten DT Book “COMPACT” and also other books on Taxation.
CA Aakash Kandoi
CA Aakash Kandoi