Actuarial Science CT I

By Sanjay Saraf, Karan Aggarwal
5 (8630)

~42-48 | ~96 hrs | Hindi, English | 8630


Introduction to mathematical modelling of financial and insurance markets with particular emphasis on the time-value of money and interest rates. Introduction to simple financial instruments. On completion of this module, students should be able to understand the time value of money and to calculate interest rates and discount factors. They should be able to apply these concepts to the pricing of simple, fixed-income financial instruments and the assessment of investment projects.

CT-1- Financial Mathematics

Cash Inflows and Outflows
Simple Interest and Compound Interest
Present value and Future Value
Periodic Interest rates
Force of Interest
Nominal vs. Effective rates
Conversion between interest rates
Real vs. Money Rates of Interest
Series of Cash Flows - PV and FV
Deferred Payments
Level Annuities
Increasing Annuities
Actuarial Notations
Relationship between notations
Equation of Value
Flat rate vs. Effective rate
Loan Repayment Schedule
Interest and Capital components
Investment Project Appraisal
Discounted cash flow mechanisms
Payback Period and Discounted Payback
Money Weighted vs. Time Weighted Return
Linked IRR
Investment and Risk aspects of Assets
Basic Bond Pricing
Yield calculations on Bonds
PV of Share and Property
Impact of tax on Bond Pricing
Forward Contracts - Pricing and Value
Term structure of Interest rates
Par yield and Yield to Maturity
Spot rates vs. Forward Rates
Duration and Convexity
Immunization of Liabilities
Stochastic Interest rate Model
Mean and variance - Stochastic Model
Log Normal Distribution
Practical Examples
Questions Solved

Examination-Held twice in a year Mar/April & Sep/Oct

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  • Lectures : ~42-48
  • Duration : ~96 hrs
  • Language : Hindi, English
  • Students : 8630
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